[It's Taako Tuesday!] CUT/SEW + The Adventure Zone

CUT/SEW + The Adventure Zone Taako Cosplay Sewing PatternHail and well met, adventurers! Today we've launched our first ever colab and our first ever limited edition pattern: say hello to our cosplay sewing pattern for Taako from The Adventure Zone.

Designed and produced in conjunction with Justin McElroy (Your Oldest Brother and Taako dad), this pattern will have a limited run of only 200 pieces before it's gone forever.

This pattern features the pieces for a peasant top, a wraparound apron/skirt combo, and a stylish half-cape. As always with our patterns, the instructions are easy to follow, beginner friendly, and customizable in size.

Our guest illustrator for this pattern's tag is Dahui Wang, an amazing artist out of New York that our entire team is very much in love with, and you can keep up to date with Dahui's art and other projects on Tumblr.

// Get the pattern HERE.

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