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// Work with us.

CUT/SEW is growing quickly, and we're currently looking for remarkable folks to join our pop up shop street team! Working one-on-one with CUT/SEW means joining an intimate team of hyper-passionate folks who live, breathe, and eat street fashion and cosplay. Perks of working with us include flexible hours, admission into some of the biggest cons in the country, and the opportunity for long-term employment and advancement in a fast-paced startup.

To apply for any of the positions below: please email us at and include in the subject line the position and city that you're applying for. For instance, to volunteer as shop staff in Orlando, your subject line should be "Shop Staff - Orlando, FL". Please include your resume and a cover letter as a PDF or Word document attachment.

All applicants must be at least 18 years old and be legally authorized work in the United States.

Please note: we do not accept inquiries for positions outside of those listed below. Please do not email us and inquire about additional opportunities - we are unfortunately not able to respond to such requests at this time.



CUT/SEW Job Openings

 Shop Staff // $14/hour

We're looking for passionate, personable cosplayers and J-fashion enthusiasts to act as our sales people and shop staff at conventions around the country. We currently have openings in the following cities:

// Washington, DC

// Atlanta, GA

// Orlando, FL

 Our shop staff is responsible for promoting our products at the booth, answering customer questions, and acting as spokespeople for our brand. We're looking for folks knowledgable about sewing who can guide customers through a personalized shopping process tailored to each person's unique needs.

We're specifically looking for people who have used our patterns and are very familiar with how they work, what their advantages are, and how they're different from typical commercial patterns. If you've not used our patterns before, we kindly ask that you please do not apply for this position.

Our Ideal Candidate:
- Has previous customer service experience and thrives in a fast-paced, customer-geared environment.
- Is responsible and punctual, and will be on time for all shifts and stay for the entire duration of a shift.
- Is outgoing, personable, and enjoys forming a personal yet professional bond with all customers.
- Is passionate about cosplay and sewing, and is knowledgable about in-depth sewing and cosplay techniques.
- Is familiar with the latest cosplay trends, anime and video game properties.
- Is extremely familiar with our patterns, and can speak knowledgeably and personally about how to best utilize them for a project.


Shop staff shifts are between 8-24 hours spread out over the whole weekend, and convention badges will be complimentary for staff members who work over 8 hours, when available. Selected candidates will be asked to complete video screener, as well as a mandatory staff orientation over Discord.


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