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CUT/SEW Sewing Patterns

// WHAT.

Hi friend, we're CUT/SEW ☆ We're an artist-owned indie sewing pattern company that launched in 2016 with the goal of making patterns easier, faster, and cuter. We believe that anyone making stuff, whether it's for fashion or fandom, is making something amazing and it's our goal to make hyper-cute style accessible & welcoming to all (no exceptions). We're a super small business and almost everything you see – from our patterns to our graphic design to our photography – is made by one person, but our friends and frequent collaborators help to make this project happen with their talent, their passion, and their inspiration.

We hope you choose to support our little dream, and let us support your art & passion with our patterns. ♡


// WHO.

  • Makes your art? Our very good buddy Kyatt7
  • Does your photography? Final_egirl
  • Is the nice person I talked to at your booth? Probably KyleCalrissian
  • Are your models? Our friends!


☆ 80's & 90's anime
☆ Early 2000's con culture
☆ 2000's Japanese street fashion
☆ Emoticons
☆ Ai Yazawa comics
☆ A good con party
☆ Making new friends


☆ In inclusion, tolerance, and respect. We're all weirdos here, so be excellent to each other.
☆ In art, and trying new things for the sake of creativity and passion.
☆ In our own wellbeing, and putting our mental health ahead of the Instagram hustle. 
☆ In appreciation and respect for the odd & unexpected.
☆ In kindness, full stop.


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