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The future is now. Aesthetics are digital. All forms of communication have moved completely online, and The Cyber is controlled by five hyper-fashionable Cults, each in constant competition with one another for world dominance. FAIRY KEI, the Cult of Digital Pastel. GAL, the Cult of the Devious & Glamorous. LARME, the Cult of Kira Kira. MORI KEI, the Cult of the Lost Woods. And IRYOU, the Cult of Bloody Chaos.  Each Cult fights for world domination by amassing Cult Followers in The Cyber. Build your Follower and post in their individual OC Tag to join a Cult. The Cults are getting ready to settle this once and for all.

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DRESS UP, LEAVE A FALSE NAME, BE LEGENDARY // Follow the story & join our #KAWAIICULT augmented reality game on Tiktok


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